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Motion Cover art animation
Motion Cover art animation

Motion Cover art animation

Animation to existing Cover art
Cover art creation with animation
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*There are two options for this package. option 1 is for animation to an existing flyer and option 2 is flyer creation + animation*

Full layers & background +artist/Character motion + 3D effects Spotify/apple music / IG Motion

*Good for apple music Instagram and spotify*

whats needed:

Your Cover Art, preferably PSD (but JPG, PNG, AI or any format also accepted)
Music (If Available)
Any other assets you want to add (PA tag, Logo, Text) PLEASE NOTE PSD file is required for more control and better result.

Available For All GENRES.

*Delivery time on motion animation: 3-7days for orders with existing cover art. FOR ORDERS THAT NEED COVER ART CREATION, DELIVERY TIME WILL VARY DEPENDING ON THE COMPLEXITY OF THE COVER ART. Email for more information